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  2. "The practice of yogasana for the sake of health, to keep fit, or to maintain flexibility is the external practice of yoga. While this is a legitimate place to begin, it is not the end… Even in simple asanas, one is experiencing the three levels of quest: the external quest, which brings firmness of the body; the internal quest, which brings steadiness of intelligence; and the innermost quest, which brings benevolence of spirit." B.K.S. Iyengar.


    Our beautiful studio is fully equipped for yoga and offers a range of classes suitable for absolute beginners through to experienced practitioners. We teach traditional yoga in a safe, supportive and non-competitive environment with a strong emphasis on learning through practice.

    All our teachers are Iyengar certified (or officially training) and are highly experienced practitioners, who aim to encourage and nurture each student through their own yoga process. The practice of Iyengar yoga is renowned for its ability to aid recovery from injury and correct imbalances while improving and optimising overall function of the physical body.

    Yoga is a path of self transformation, available to all regardless of age, fitness or flexibility. Iyengar yoga is suitable for everybody! New students are welcome. Just scroll down to our timetable page, choose a class time that suits, and begin…

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    Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
    10 - 11.30 G 10 - 11.30 G 10 - 11.30 G 10 - 11.30 G 6.45 - 8 G 9-10.45 L2/3 10 - 11.30 L2
    11.45 – 1 *BYB 12.10 - 1 G 11 - 12.30 L1
    4.30–5.45 R1
    5.30 - 7 L1 6 - 7.45 L2/3 5.30 - 7 L2 6 - 7.30 L2 6 - 7.30 L2 6 - 7.30 R2
    7.15 - 8.45 L2 8–9.15 *BC 7.15 - 8.45 L1 7.45–9 L1

    New students: If you are a beginner, or are new to Iyengar Yoga, you can start with any of the classes other than Level 2 and 2/3 classes which are for experienced Iyengar yoga students.

    Bookings are required for our *courses, but for all our other classes — just turn up.
    *See below for the start dates of our courses and detailed descriptions of our classes.

    "Words cannot convey the value of yoga. It has to be experienced." B.K.S. Iyengar.

    Class Descriptions

    Iyengar Yoga has a methodology which allows for a balanced, supportive, and safe progression of learning...

    Level 1

    All students new to Iyengar yoga.
    We start at the beginning. The preliminary postures, or asanas, are taught in a way that develops a foundational understanding of the method of Iyengar yoga and it’s use of props.

    Even if you have practiced other “styles” of yoga before, start at level 1 and we can place you from there. If it is your first class please arrive ten minutes early so the teacher can ask about any specific injuries or medical conditions you may have.

    Every student progresses at their own pace, depending on consistency, but on average you will spend up to a year as a Level 1 student.

    Level 2

    For more experienced students.

    In level 2 classes we start to work with more subtlety, precision, and longer timings within the postures. A wider range of asanas are introduced, including the inversions.

    Regular attendance ensures steady progress.

    Level 2/3

    For students who have an ongoing commitment to their practice and have already spent some time attending level 2 classes.

    Here we work to refine our skill in action, and develop greater depth of perception in the practice. Sirsasana and Sarvangasana should already be established (unless contraindicated).

    To get the most from these classes, regular attendance is expected.

    General (weekday classes)

    Suitable for all students.

    General classes are taught in the same progression as above, but all students are mixed in together. Beginners therefore also benefit from working in with, and observing more experienced students. New students will be given alternative postures when more experienced students are practicing inversions and other asanas not suitable for beginners.

    *Beginner Courses (BC)

    Regular 6 week courses:

    Tuesday nights 8–9.15pm
    Start Dates:
    6 March
    17 April
    29 May
    7 August

    This course is ideal for new students and includes six specific beginners classes.

    Students start as beginners together and the course will develop confidence while starting a yoga practice.

    The beginner classes are progressive, and the course is designed to build a fundamental understanding of the method of Iyengar Yoga, and its use of props.

    Our courses are taught in a way that is encouraging for beginner students and will help you get started with a practice that can support you throughout your life.

    For further information, email tessa@wellingtonyoga.co.nz

    *Bring Your Baby Yoga (BYB)

    This class provides a unique bonding experience that lays a firm foundation for health & well-being. We will work with opening and restoring tired bodies to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. This class has a slow and steady pace so you can stop anytime to feed or settle your baby. The babies can sleep, watch or join in, depending on their mood.

    This is a wonderful way to meet other new parents while enjoying taking time to bond with your baby and to balance yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. Practising yoga after giving birth will help to gently rebuild strength and stamina and knit muscles back together.

    Classes are for mothers new to yoga or returning to their practice after giving birth, and babies who are not yet too mobile. It is best to wait six weeks or more after giving birth (or three months after a caesarean). Fathers are welcome too.

    Ten-week courses, running with school term. Can be joined pro rata part way through.

    Wednesdays 11.45am – 1pm

    2017 start dates:
    Term 1: 7 February
    Term 2: 2 May
    Term 3: 1 August
    Term 4: 24 October

    For further information, email:

    Restorative Class (R)

    BKS Iyengar originally developed not just the use of props in yoga, but he also developed restorative yoga as a practice in itself, which is now very popular and widely appreciated for its therapeutic benefits.

    The restorative classes are slower in pace with an emphasis on quietening physically, emotionally and mentally. These classes are especially helpful to relieve stress, tension, anxiety and to balance and soothe the central nervous system. Restorative practice is especially helpful to maintain a healthy immune system. Quite simply, restorative yoga makes you feel better!

    Restorative 1 (R1)

    The new, Restorative 1 class is a great way to ease your way into this practice if you are newer to the studio. Also suitable for complete beginners (you can start with this class).

    Restorative 2 (R2)

    The Restorative 2 class is suitable for students who have been attending the studio’s classes regularly for a year or so and already have some understanding of Iyengar Yoga and use of props.

    The Sunday night Restorative session is the perfect way to rejuvenate at the end of your week.

    If you are unsure which class is right for you please contact Agata

    Workshops and Retreats

    In addition to the regular timetable we offer 3 hour "Yoga Sundays" with a specific focus, weekend workshops and retreats. Check the notices on our timetable page for details.

    2018 Bali

    Bali Retreat 2018
    Bali Intensive 2018

    2018 Bhutan

    2018 Bhutan Yoga Journey

    For enquiries please email or talk to Tessa.

  4. The Iyengar Yoga Certification and Assessment process as set out by B.K.S. Iyengar is world renowned for its thoroughness and rigour. The training process spans years, and once the candidate successfully passes assessment and becomes certified, they continue their training with senior teachers, and work to further develop their practice-based understanding and skill as teachers.


    Tessa Meek

    Tessa has been practising Iyengar yoga for 25 years. In 1998 she started teaching classes at the Aro Valley Community Hall and has been teaching ever since. At the start of 2007, Tessa opened the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Wellington.

    Tessa is an intuitive, empathetic and observant teacher. She is dedicated to teaching yoga in a way that enables students to understand for themselves, so that their practice will engage and support them mentally, emotionally and physically throughout their lives.

    In the class situation, Tessa teaches to the individual and encourages students to develop their depth of perception within the practice.

    Tessa has studied with Geeta Iyengar at conventions in Auckland (2003), Australia (2010) and Yoganusasanam Pune (2015) and has also studied with the Iyengars at the RIMYI, India.

    Tessa has been studying under the guidance of her teacher, Peter Thomson, for 18 years, and is immensely grateful to Peter for the teachings and inspiration.

    Tessa teaches the evening classes on Monday and Tuesday and the Level 2 classes on Wednesday and Thursday. Tessa also teaches the Thursday and Saturday morning classes, workshops and retreats.

    Jo Peden

    Jo started Iyengar yoga in 1996 and was quickly captivated by the practice of yoga, finding it both challenging and inspiring. She commenced teaching in 2001.

    Jo creates a warm, supportive environment for students. She is interested in how asana can be transformative not only on a physical level but also on an emotional and energetic level.

    Jo studies regularly with senior Iyengar yoga teachers including her teacher, Peter Thomson, and in July 2010 she visited Pune, India to study at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute.

    Jo has degrees in Political Science and Sport Science, she has worked in recruitment advertising and in communications. She is married with three sons.

    Jo teaches the Tuesday and Sunday 10am classes, and the Thursday lunchtime class.

    Rosie Percival

    Rosie began practicing Iyengar yoga in 2005 as a way to maintain general health and learn to touch her toes. After traveling and experimenting with other styles of yoga, she was drawn back to the discipline and methodology of Iyengar yoga — she realised yoga is not about touching her toes but rather the cultivation of self-study and awareness through a regular yoga practice.

    Rosie is an energetic and encouraging teacher who loves to share her enthusiasm for the practice with her students. She believes that yoga is for every body, for every type of body and enjoys making yoga accessible to all.

    Rosie began teacher training while living in Melbourne, Australia and holds an Introductory Level 2 certificate. She continues to train with her teachers Peter and Sue Scott and has studied with the Iyengars in China (2011) and at the RIMYI, India, (2012 & 2016). In addition to yoga studies, she has degrees in film and design.

    Outside of teaching, Rosie works as a UX designer (rosiepercival.webflow.io) and likes to rock climb.

    Rosie teaches the Monday morning 10am & Friday night 6pm class and regularly fills in for other teachers.

    Agata Orłowicz

    Agata was first introduced to yoga in 2000 at one of Poland’s oldest Iyengar yoga studios. However, it wasn’t until 2006 that she fully committed and started to practice daily. When she moved to Wellington in 2010 she started attending Tessa’s classes, which greatly helped her to take her practice to a new, deeper level.

    In early 2014 Agata began her training towards introductory level teaching certificate with Peter Thomson. She sees teaching as a natural extension of her practice, and finds it to be a deeply fulfilling experience. She hopes her teaching will assist others on their own yoga path.

    Agata has a PhD in Philosophy from Victoria University.

    Agata teaches the Wednesday 10am and 5.30pm Level 1. She also teaches the Thursday night Level 1 class and the Sunday evening Restorative Classes and the Beginner Courses.

    Gina Inverarity

    Gina started Iyengar yoga in 2004 when she was expecting her first daughter. She found yoga immensely beneficial during pregnancy and after that a welcome respite when her children were very young.

    She started attending Tessa’s classes in 2011 and is currently training towards introductory level teaching certificate with Peter Thomson. Through her teaching she hopes to share the Iyengar values of inclusiveness and persistence and strives to remember that yoga is a discipline learnt and practiced over a lifetime.

    Gina has an honours degree in English and, after working as a children’s book editor for a decade, has a book of her own coming out early in 2017. When she isn’t teaching or writing she can be found sewing and stuffing yoga bolsters.

    Gina teaches the Bring Your Baby class and regularly fills in for other teachers.

    Penny Mitropoulos

    Penny started her first journey into Iyengar yoga in 1997 under the teaching of Louisa Potter, at that time in Nelson at the Nelson Yoga Centre. After a few years she traveled to India to develop her practice and understanding. She studied under Sharat Arora, in Dharamsala learning the art of asana sequencing and yoga therapy. She then stayed in India for a year travelling and studying as much as she could before returning back to New Zealand.

    After a few years starting a family Penny completed her teacher training in 2007 with Susie Lever and she holds an Introductory Level 2 certification. Penny likes to create yoga sequences that challenge, nourish and deepen the practice allowing organically the body time to open or release within the asanas. Her classes will be light but challenging focusing on alignment.

    After a couple of years break Penny is returning to teaching. Penny has a Bachelor in Sport and Recreation and works in the events and visits industry nationally. Penny teaches the early morning Friday class.

  5. “Yoga, an ancient but perfect science, deals with the evolution of humanity. This evolution includes all aspects of one’s being, from bodily health to self-realization. Yoga means union – the union of body with consciousness and consciousness with the soul. Yoga cultivates the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in day-to-day life and endows skill in the performance of one’s actions.”
    B.K.S. Iyengar.

    B.K.S. Iyengar 14.Dec.1918 - 20.Aug.2014

    B.K.S Iyengar was an influential yoga master born in southern India in 1918, and is widely credited with bringing yoga to the west. From a young age he dedicated his life to the practice, and to sharing his wisdom and passion for the art, science and philosophy of yoga. The teachings of B.K.S Iyengar are deeply grounded in the ancient Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

    B.K.S Iyengar wrote many books on yoga including the modern classic, Light on Yoga, first published in 1966, and more recently the inspirational gift of a book, Light on Life.

    Up until only weeks before his passing, he still practised daily at his institute, RIMYI, in Pune, India, where he lived and worked with his son and daughter, Prashant and Geeta, who are also highly esteemed teachers and authors of yoga.

    Iyengar yoga (a term coined by his students) is a practical and holistic approach to the vast subject of yoga, made accessible to all, and is practised by millions of people worldwide. Iyengar Yoga is distinguished by its innovative use of props, its precision and detail to alignment within the asanas, and is renowned for its healing and therapeutic capabilities.

    To read more about the benefits of
    Iyengar Yoga:


    To understand more about Iyengar Yoga
    go to:

  6. “Change leads to disappointment if it is not sustained. Transformation is sustained change, and it is achieved through practice.” B.K.S. Iyengar.


    Casual Class: $22.00

    Full time student (with ID) casual class $18.00

    No need to book, just turn up.

    5 Class Cards:

    $100.00 (valid 10 weeks).

    Fulltime student with ID and teens $80.00 (valid 10 weeks)

    10 Class Cards:

    If you attend two or more classes per week $160.00 (valid 5 weeks).

    If you attend one class per week $180.00 (valid 10 weeks).

    If you attend less than one class per week $200.00 (valid 1 year)

    20 Class Card:

    If you attend three or more classes per week $280.00 (valid 7 weeks)

    Lunchtime Classes:

    $18.00 casually or $160.00 for a ten class card (valid for 6 months).

    Beginners Courses:

    Cost $120.00 for 6 classes
    For further information, email tessa@wellingtonyoga.co.nz

    Bring Your Baby Yoga:

    Cost $160.00 for ten class term.
    Can be joined pro rata part way through term.
    For further information, email:

    Yoga Gift Vouchers

    We have beautiful gift vouchers available for all our classes and courses. Please email tessa@wellingtonyoga.co.nz to enquire.

    Things To Know:

    Please try to arrive and be ready by the class start time. Shoes off at the door and cell phones off for the duration of the class.

    It is better not to eat 2-3 hours before class. No water bottles … It is better to drink before and after practising, not during.

    Wear comfortable clothing, preferably that fits around the knees, or so the knees can be seen. This is so the teacher can check the alignment of the knee joint, especially if you have knee issues.

    Please refrain from wearing perfumes or strong deodorants.

    Remember, yoga is non-competitive … Do not be concerned with how others do, you are practising for your own yoga process.

    Additional Info:

    All prices include GST.
    Eftpos available (not credit).
    No refunds or transfers.
    Expiry dates are set, but cards can be topped up before expiry (excludes the 1 year card). Otherwise there are no extensions on the card, so please choose your card carefully.

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    Our studio is in The Bakehouse, a beautiful historic brick building from 1912. Swan Lane is a walkway between Floriditas on Cuba St and Marion St. The entrance is on the side of the ’The Bakehouse', through the stainless steel door, upstairs and to the left. (Above Noble Rot Wine Bar.)
    Iyengar Yoga Centre
    "The Bakehouse"
    6 Swan Lane
    Te Aro
    New Zealand
    Email: tessa@wellingtonyoga.co.nz
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